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Data Protection

In order to be safe during your shopping in the crefelder-lokschuppen, we did everything to secure your data from the access of third persons. Because your data and your confidence are our biggest obligation to the most security. We save your data only for the purpose of your order and order processing. We deny a transfer to an unauthorized person or a third person except to our partners in case of an order processing.
Two important infos:
-For the transmission of your data we use a secure server with a SSL-technic(Secure Socket Layer) with a 128-Bit-encryption. That's how we get your data securely and unreadable for unauthorized persons.
-In the case of cheating by unauthorized persons, most of the banks handle all of the costs. Please inform us and your bank immediately if you are involved in such a mess.  
To the subject data security
The customer informations will be saved and handled under attention of the instruction of the Bundesdatenschutzgesetze (BDSG) and the Teledienstdatenschutzgesetzes(TDDSG). Your data won't be saved individual related as long as necessary. 
You have at any time the right for free information, adjustment, blocking your account and cancelling your saved data. Please inform us about your desire per e-mail, per telephone and per telefax.
We don't hand out your personal data including your adress and e-mail adress to any unauthorized or third persons. Except service partners, which needs these informations to handle the order processing. In this case the amount of transferring data is reduced to the essential minimum.
Our shop saves all cookies about the content of your cart, which could be watched again by your next visit. For your registration and your order we need your customer information. If you already have one you can easily log-in with your e-mail address and your password. Have a look at your browser-configuration to know your cookie-settings.
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